When you’re researching options to see what you think should replacement natural teeth that you are going to have extracted, you will probably run into a few different terms during your studies: dental implants and bridges. These are both great options for natural tooth replacements if you’re facing losing some of your natural teeth.

What is the difference between implants and bridges, though? Before you get into looking up dental implant dentist reviews fort worth to decide who you should go to for your procedure, make sure you’re up to speed with what some of your options are, so you know what is best not only for your mouth, but for your budget, too!

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a good option for folks who are losing anywhere from a single tooth to all of their teeth. They are, basically, artificial teeth that are placed right where your natural teeth used to be, enabling you to eat and speak as if you never lost your natural teeth.

The main downsides to dental implants is how much they can cost, as well as how much time it might take you to fully recover after your implant surgery. You should keep in mind that dental implants can cost $3000 to even $5000 apiece, so it can be quite the costly proposition if you are having all of your teeth removed.

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If you are not having all of your natural teeth removed, then you might be more inclined to opt for bridges. Bridges, in dentistry, are used to bridge a gap between teeth. The bridge will be supported by natural teeth on either side, or by implants, depending on your specific circumstances.

Bridges have a few upsides over implants if you aren’t losing all of your teeth. They are much cheaper, don’t require a surgical procedure, and won’t take you nearly as long to get used to them. You might find that they may be a little uncomfortable for the first little while as you get used to them, though.

Those are the main differences between implants and bridges, and which one is right for you is dependent on your circumstances and how much scratch you have to spend.