You want to get out for some entertainment but you want a good meal to go with it. You should think about going to a mystery dinner theater show on a train. There is such a venue available in South Florida. You will be able to dine on a five course meal and enjoy a murder mystery play at the same time. When you think about it, that has to be a good time and you know it.

Murder Mystery


Look for murder mystery plays with meals in south florida and you will be on the right track. You will find a great venue for an evening out with friends and maybe even family. You will love the food and you will love the show. You and your friends will have a great time. You can order as many drinks as you like and so can your friends.

A Good Night Out

murder mystery plays with meals in south florida

Just think what you want your night out to be like. Normally, you would have to go and get a meal first and then make it to the show. Now you can enjoy the show while you eat and drink. It is that simple. You watch the show and enjoy a five course meal with your friends. It will be a good time that you can spend with loved ones and you will all have fun.

Be sure to schedule the show ahead of time. It fills up fast. You may not be able to get in off the cuff but you might. It is better to go online to find the show and then call ahead for tickets. You will be glad you did. Soon, you and your friends will be enjoying a great murder mystery and eating to your heart’s content. Make the most of your evening out with a good murder mystery show.