When teens get bored, they get in trouble. That is the last thing you want for your kids, no matter their age. The key to keeping teens out of trouble is to keep them entertained. Chelan County residents can find many activities to fill their teen’s time and keep them out of trouble. Consider any of the 8 great ideas below to provide your teen with fun that keeps them on the straight and narrow.

1.    Arcade: Every teen enjoys playing video games. Spend the day at the arcade chelan county wa for lots of fun.

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2.    Library: The library is not a boring, dull place like some teens assume. Check out the teen area for lots of comics, books and activities that are sure to provide excitement.

3.    Classes: It’s much different than class at school. Attending classes that teach creativity or a hobby is always great for teens. Whether they enjoy writing, drawing, or something else, classes are there.

4.    Skating: Teens still visit the skating rink. It’s a lot of fun when they get together with their friends.

5.    Movie Theater: Choose an age-appropriate movie and all of the kids can get together at the theater for a fun experience.

6.    Park: Skate parks and traditional parks keep teens out of trouble, especially those with an interest in skateboarding, biking, basketball or other similar activities.

7.    Swimming: If your teen isn’t a swimmer, it’s never too late to teach them this skill. It is fun and can save lives.

8.    Mall: There is lots to do at the mall. Teens can even enjoy special activities at the mall. Check out the local mall and learn the activity that may appeal to your group of teens.

There are many ways to entertain the teens. The eight above are among the many!